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Volunteer Roles

Receptionist/Administrator/Information Assistant

If you would like to gain experience in working directly with the public, then this is a great opportunity to learn customer service skills.

Clients are welcomed into the bureau by our reception staff, are given assisted information and/or allocated to Advisers if they have a pre-booked appointment.

Receptionists also help clients access other advice services in their local area.

Research & campaigns

For every case that comes to the bureau a case record is completed. When trends are found, our research & campaigns team  identify issues and recommend action that can be taken.

This involves conducting research and campaigning to organisations or in the media by  writing letters and reports, building up a media file of local problems, writing press releases and setting up a local social policy network with other agencies, organisations and community groups.

IT support/administrator

Our IT Support/Administrator volunteers assist our IT Manager to maintain our IT systems and to resolve any IT issues.

They gain experience in working with networks, maintaining & upgrading PCs, troubleshooting IT problems and maintaining our website.

Good customer service skills, basic IT skills as well as the ability to communicate effectively are necessary in this role.

Gateway Assessor/Adviser

Volunteers train as Gateway Assessors first before training as Generalist Advisers.

Gateway Assessors using sensitive listening and questioning skills carry out initial assessments with clients, identifying the key facts of the enquiry, emergencies, deadlines and next steps with the support of the Advice Session Supervisor.

Gateway Assessors record the interview using the case recording system and identify social policy issues for local and national campaigns.

Completion of the Gateway Assessor training and assessments leads to the award of the Citizens Advice Gateway Assessor certificate. Volunteers then train to become Advisers.

Advisers interview clients at a pre-booked appointments about their problems in the areas of Debt, Welfare Benefits, Housing, Employment, Immigration, Consumer, and Family & Personal.

Advisers explore the problem, establishing what the client wants; explores options in order that the client can come to a decision and helps the client to set priorities.

Advisers provide in-depth advice, negotiation and advocacy on behalf of clients. They act on behalf of the client where necessary, negotiating with third parties on the telephone, drafting and writing letters.

Advisers record the interview using the case recording system and also identify social policy issues for local and national campaigns.

Completion of the Adviser training and assessments leads to the award of Citizens Advice Adviser certificate.