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Research and Campaigns

Using research and campaigns to improve the policies and practices that affect your life

At Citizens Advice East End, one of our aims is to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.

Our experience of advising clients gives us a valuable insight into the problems faced by people living in the East End.

The Research and Campaigns team gathers evidence to represent the needs of clients, so that we can campaign for changes in national and local policies and services.

We have a team of volunteers led by a paid worker.

Our current campaigns

We are running campaigns in response to local needs.

Settled and Safe

To secure a safe and settled future for private renters.

Secure Self-employment

To campaign for simpler and more responsive policies that give self-employed people the security to plan and balance their lives; and to reduce bogus self-employment, forced on employees by their unscrupulous employers.

Talk About Abuse

To encourage people to look for signs of domestic abuse among their friends and family, to talk about it, listen and support and suggest further help.

How you can help

If you have evidence about any of our campaigns, please let us know.

Telephone: 020 8525 6350

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